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The ALIAS Concept

ALIAS is the solution that facilitates at a distance learning while helpingoptimize the capacity of training centers in Marignane.

This project is a true evolution in at a distance learning methods, with a 3D platform combining :

  • Academic courses
  • A community of users
  • Technical assistance

Instructors make the most of their teaching capacity by varying the tools, practices and methods used.

Users are completely captivated by their trade thanks to immersive technologies, improving advice and explanations .

ALIAS A historical perspective

Alias saison 1 Advanced Learning Interface for AeronauticS

The ALIAS project began two years ago. Following oriented research on the use of new technologies, the first season demonstrated the benefits they represented for both EC and its clients.

An interactive Internet accessible 3D space was then designed to promote at a distance learning for helicopter pilots and technicians.

The main benefits of this concept are:

  • The functions related to at a distance learning
  • Technologies optimizing technical support
  • The premise of a 3D world

Alias saison 2 Advanced Logic Interface for Aeronautical Services

ALIAS Season 2 focuses primarily on the development of a community.

This is developed to track and retain EC customers. It also aims to enable clients to share experiences and knowledge.

The 3D platform is then customized with a universe of floating islets – a distinct characteristic of Alias.

The major benefits of this season :

  • The customized 3D world
  • The development of a community
  • Improved customer follow-up
  • The multi-media communication campaign

Alias saison 3 Advanced Logic Interface for Aeronautical Services

The project ALIAS saison 3 offers EC customers an area to learn, exchange, and receive support on a centralized 3D platform.

At a distance learning allows for greater capacity in Marignane and more effective on-site training since all customers will have learned the basics beforehand.

The time a technician spends in training will be optimized and he or she will be able to focus on practical application of procedures on EC helicopters for this purpose.

This platform is an immersive universe, allowing the user tolearn, to communicate and share experiences in the EC community via an avatar.

The community of customers, Eurocopter employees and the metaverse – 3D world – improves customer follow-up and optimizes the needed support services.

At a distance technologies are used to more easily comprehend problems on the client’s machine, troubleshoot, or even to order parts.

The major benefits of this season :

  • The expansion of functions offered by seasons 1 and 2
  • An optimal 3D world
  • Enhanced at a distance learning
  • The exchange and sharing within the community
  • Optimized Technical Support
  • The multi-media communication campaign




The Alias platform is 3D space dedicated to Eurocopter’ s clients.

This space is a universe which is entirely 3D, allowing customers to progress via an « avatar », which is fully customizable in their image.

Within the platform, they will share their experiences, knowledge, communicate with other fans and immerse themselves in the Eurocopter community.

A space for learning

The ALIAS platform is a real timesaver in the training curriculum..

Indeed, thanks to this remote area, guests can learn to handle "helicopters" in 3D in order to enable them to prepare for theoretical examinations from their homes, whenever they have time.

This reduces the amount of time spent in face to face training, while optimizing the effectiveness of learning.

Un espage de partage

The Alias platform is also a community space. In fact, in this space, clients can share their knowledge with other fans, talk about their experiences and memorable events.

Through these exchanges, all clients share the experiences and situations they have experienced for the overall benefit of others. .

Optimized online support

Alias has managed to make the most of advanced technologies, adapting them to the client’s needs.

Now, in the event of a failure, a service panel tels que des lunettes de réalité augmentée et des tutoriaux 3D sont à disposition afin d'optimiser les réparations.

hotline responds to the customer’s request, by identifying the problem with an at a distance technician and placing an emergency order for parts, or even sending a Eurocopter technician.

Les partenaires

No. 1 worldwide manufacturer of civilian helicopters


Internet – New Generation Founder. (FING)


Dassault System


Université du Sud-Toulon Var - UFR INGEMEDIA


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